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Xbox One Review

My name is Casey.  I’m 14 years old and I will give you a real review from someone who actually plays video games.  The Xbox One has an 8-core x86 processor that allows you to switch between T.V and video games easily. It has a HDMI pass through that allows you to connect it to your satellite or cable box which allows you to watch T.V on your console.  (read more below)

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There is a lot of debate about the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 concerning which one is going to be the next generation console, but today I am going to tell you about the Xbox One and why it is good. In another review I am going to tell you why the PlayStation 4 is good, but now lets get started with the xbox one.


Starting off with the Xbox One. The Xbox One has an 8-core x86 processor that allows you to switch between T.V and video games easily. It has a HDMI pass through that allows you to connect it to your satellite or cable box which allows you to watch T.V on your console. It also has 8GB of ram and 500GB worth of storage which will be enough for you to store all of your games, demos and movies. One of the new features of the Xbox One is the blu ray player. All of this is good for high performance that helps the xbox run faster and helps the xbox move pretty much instantly to do what you wanna do. This is good if you want to get on fast and check some stuff out you can just say “Xbox on” and then poof it is on.  But you can only say “Xbox on” if you have the kinect hooked up.


What the Xbox One did that makes it stand out is make it where you can skype people without exiting the activity that you are doing, so you can be playing Call of Duty while skyping with you buddy. Xbox One is now partnered with ESPN so what that means to the consumer is that you get to watch ESPN,ESPN2,ESPN3,ESPNu,Goal Line and Buzzerbeater. All of the top sport shows at your fingertip and all of the highlights at your fingertips. Something cool that ESPN offered in their partnership with xbox is Fantasy Football. This feature is a little guide that pops up when you are on the ESPN app and if one of your players make a touchdown a little tab pops up and shows your fantasy league and all of your players stats,points,and injury reports. This all together is a great deal that you are getting with the xbox one, and it is really hard to turn down if you are a die hard sports fan.


The kinect is a little camera that helps people get on their feet when they are playing video games. The kinect is very good for kids that are really hyper and like to move so you can put on an activity game and they will dance and run in place and get all of their energy out of them before bed or you can play a family game that gets you closer to your family and

makes them have a good time and laugh a lot. Some people might say that you have to have the kinect connected all the time but that is not true. You do not have to have a little camera that stares at you all the time whether the xbox is on or off, and you don’t need it hooked up at all time. The kinect has a little tiny camera and a little tiny microphone that listens when you say “Xbox on” and then it turns on, and when you say play a certain game that you have then it will play that game or when you wanna watch T.V you can just say “ Go to T.V” and it will instantly go to T.V without you losing your game status.

Real life

The Xbox One was made with a very high performance graphics card which makes games like “Forza” look real. Looking real is a really big part of gaming nowadays and for some people if it doesn’t look real or sound real they won’t play it or even think about buying the game.  Game developers spend months or ever years making the game look as real as possible. This helps you experience the game like you have never experienced it before, so hang on you are in for a ride.


The Xbox One is ready to go when you are ready to go, and once you say “Xbox on” it starts up and starts all of the updates that you have waiting for you on either the dashboard or on a game. This all happens behind the scene, so you can play all of your games that you wanna play and then “CABLOOSH” your update has been finished. This will make all of your games start up faster, make everything you do a lot faster, and switching from xbox to tv will be really really fast.


Some parents want their children to be safe while talking to people that they don’t know or people that are being rude and using foul language against your child, but there is a safety option when you sign up for xbox live.  There is all of these setting to where you can set a rating on what your children can download whether it is movies, games or even what they watch on Netflix if you have it. You can also set it to where you can’t talk to people unless they are on their friends list and that is critical to your child, because there are a lot of adults and teenagers that get mad at the game and start cursing at the game or their own teammates which i don’t think that you want your child hearing those kind of things.

That is my review over the “Xbox One”, please tell me what you want me to do reviews on and i will get to them sometime or later. Please leave a comment let me know what you thought about the review.  Remember, constructive criticism always helps me out and have a good day. :D


Product Features

  • The most award-winning exclusive games at E3.
  • Better matchmaking with Smart Match.
  • Games plus entertainment.
  • Built for the future.
  • Play Xbox One games online or offline.
  • Share, trade-in, resell, gift, & rent game discs to your heart’s content.
  • Play anywhere with your own Xbox Live Gold account.
  • Kinect or Controller ? There are a variety of ways to interact with Xbox One.
  • Easily turn Xbox One and Kinect on or off.
  • Your Gamertag and Gamerscore follow you to Xbox One.
  • Communicate with Xbox Live Gold friends using messaging or Skype.
  • Xbox One Fantasy Football Integration

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