Top Video Game Gifts for 2013

Reviews of the top game gifts for the 2013 Christmas and Holiday Season.   If you want to know what is hot for this Season, we have the top five gifts reviewed below in the Game Category.

2013 Hot Holiday Video Game Gifts…

  • Disney Infinity

    This is one of the biggest releases for Disney as a “game,” and it is one that many, if not all, people will enjoy.

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  • Just Dance 2014

    Just Dance is one of the biggest selling dance franchises in gaming and has been releasing games since 2009. With their newest release comes a new mode called “World Dance Floor” which allows players to dance with other people around the world for the first time.

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  • NBA 2K14

    NBA 2K14 is the latest in the saga of basketball games to be released from 2K, and with the new game comes new modes and some old modes to be brought back such as “Crews” and “MyTEAM.”

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  • Pokémon X and Y

    Pokémon X and Y are the two newest games that have been released by Nintendo for the Pokémon series. It was released for the Nintendo 3DS and is able to be played in both 2D and 3D modes, and features all of the older pokémon with the newer ones.

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  • Rayman Legends

    This is the fifth installment of the Rayman series to be released from Ubisoft. Originally as a WiiU exclusive, it was later announced that it would be released across all platforms

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