Xbox One & PS4 Consoles 2013

Reviews of the absolute hottest gifts for the 2013 Holiday Season.  The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are going to be sold out if you don’t get yours early!  Check out our reviews of the two consoles that are changing the gaming and entertainment industry.  

Both of these consoles are the latest in a line of great video game systems and will be available for Christmas.  They both are revolutionary in combining both video gaming and home entertainment.  These are not just video game systems.

2013 Hot Holiday Gifts- Game Consoles…

  • Xbox One Review

    The Xbox One has an 8-core x86 processor that allows you to switch between T.V and video games easily. It has a HDMI pass through that allows you to connect it to your satellite or cable box which allows you to watch T.V on your console. It also has 8GB of ram and 500GB worth of storage which will be enough for you to store all of your games, demos and movies.

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  • PlayStation 4 Review

    People say that this is going to be the next generation console and that is a big possibility. The PlayStation has so many features that is new to the gaming scene, and will revolutionize the gaming industry forever. This makes the PlayStation 4 a great leap in the next generation console.

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Countdown to Christmas!