Boys Hot Holiday Gifts 2013: Crayola Marker Maker

With Crayola’s Marker Maker, children can now create more colors for more variety and creativity.  This is one of 2013′s Top Christmas Gifts for Boys!

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With Crayola’s Marker Maker, children can now create more colors for more variety and creativity. This comes with a guide on how to create 16 basic colors, and is custom built to easily compact and travel. After you’ve used all your supplies you can easily buy more to keep the fun going. Link for refills will be below.

It comes with three ink bottles; red, blue, and yellow, and is very basic and easy to use. The process of creation is always open to creativity and new ideas which is good for children to allow them to grow mentally.

Once it gets to the capping of the marker; the tube goes into the slot, the cap goes on top, and you pull a lever over until it snaps twice locking the marker in. With simple instructions, slight parental supervision is required at any time, but full family interaction is suggested.

With the fairly easy process, cheap price, and open endedness for plenty of creativity, the Crayola Marker Maker is a great seller that is sure to keep your children entertained for hours and allows children to create their own colors while learning how blending colors works outside of school while still having fun.

Product Features

  • Create 16 customized color markers
  • Mixing guide helps you choose your colors
  • Interactive and easy to use
  • Includes barrels, caps, tips, plugs, and labels
  • Complete the markers with personalized labels

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My kids (8 and 6) loved this marker maker and played with it constantly until we ran out of the marker materials

This provided lots of fun for my 10 year old. He enjoyed it so much I bought one for my great grandson and he loved it also.

Buy Now For Only $18.25You Save 27% on

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