Girls Hot Holiday Gifts 2013: Barbie Fashionista Ultimate Closet

The Barbie Fashionista Ultimate Closet allows you to take your Barbie anywhere with plenty of clothes to dress her in for on the go fun. This is definitely one of the best gifts for all Barbie lovers this year!

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First off there is no actual Barbie to come with this, meaning that if you buy this you must also buy a separate Barbie to actually be able to play and use the clothes inside of the closet. The closet does however come with over twenty pieces of clothes to dress your Barbie up in from shoes to purses. Also there is a convenient handle on the top for taking it places, and when you want to move it, it can easily fold up

It’s good to hold the clothes that come with it, as well as holding other different clothes when you’re on the move, but it doesn’t hold too much since it’s not purely designed for being a storage unit, but it is great to take things on the go and hold them into a secured place so they don’t go missing. And when it is kept at home it acts great as just a standard closet to hold clothes and accessories.

Product Features

  • Every girl needs a fabulous closet to store her fashionable clothes
  • Fill and organize your ultimate Barbie closet with the latest fashions
  • Display fashions with hangers and store accessories in compartments
  • Comes with a ring for the girl so she can accessorize in style
  • Includes 1 Barbie fashion, fabulous shoes, accessories and a ring for the girl

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Very nice set for the price…

I recommend you get this if you need it for storage.

Buy Now For Only $24.99You Save 7% on

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